Tools of the Trade:

Custom Mastering Console:
Balanced signal path with five switch-bypassed inserts. Insert two can be placed in a Mid-Side loop encoded with Peerless E-204D transformers and decoded with active circuitry. Inserts three and four may be swapped in order. Input offset and MS levels adjustable in 0.5 db steps. Switches by Janco, Shallco and Daven. Shallcross and Daven attenuators. API volume unit meter.

Monitoring: Dunlavy SC-IV powered by Audio Note Quests or Hypex UCD400-based amp.

MICS: Sennheiser MKH-40 (2), Sony C-38A, C-38B, C-48 and C-22Fet, Groove Tubes MD3A, Gefell MV692 with M71 (cardioid PVC M7 capsule) and M73 shotgun, MBHO 603/KA100LK (omni) (2), MBHO 603/KA200N (cardioid) (2),MBHO CM602 (cardioid w/low cut), AKG 414B/ULS (2),Milab DC96B, Audio Technica AT4049a/4051a/4053a ( four bodies with 2 cardioid, 2 omni and 2 hypercardioid capsules), Crown SASS-P mkII stereo mic.

Steve Hogan Jensen Twin Servo (2 ch), custom Jensen 990 (4 ch), RCA BC100/API (4 ch), Hamptone HVTP2 (2 ch), Auditronics 110B & 110H (4 ch), Custom Tube Dyna (2 ch), Custom Solid State (2 ch), Altec 1566a (1 ch), Altec 9475 (2ch), Spectra Sonics 101 (2 ch).

Custom flight-cased 8 ch Jensen 990 mixer. Acoustilog CM-3 (10 ch) console.

Passive: Hycor 4201 (2 ch), Neumann PEV (2 ch), Altec 9061A (2 ch with Sphere line amps and Jensen input xfmrs), Altec 9062A graphic eqs (2 ch), Altec 9063A, Langevin 10067, Electrodyne 253-A (4ch). Active: custom EQ with Spectra Sonics 500 modules (2 ch), Auditronics 110 (4 ch).

DYNAMICS: Stereo Pico compressor. Modified GSSL compressor.

UTC & Jensen DI-Boxes. UTC LS-30X transformer repeat coil/M-S matrix, Jensen and Lundahl transformer mic splitters. Peerless E-204D and UTC HA-108X impedance matching/isolation transformers. Daven Transmission Gain Set. B&B AM-2B Metering. HP 1200B Osciloscope.

Otari MTR-10 (1/4" 2-track) and Nagra IV-S.

For more pictures and technical information on the equipment, see the TECH PAGE.




While living in New York I worked as a recording engineer doing studio and remote sessions of mostly contemporary music.
Recording Tristan Murail's Le Lac at Systems Two Studios (Brooklyn), performed by the Argento Ensemble.  
Microphone preamplifiers—Hamptone HTVP2 (tube); custom tube unit, Steve Hogan Jensen Twin Servo, Sytek MPX-4Aii, Altec 1566a, custom solid state.
Custom mixer with servo'd Jensen 990 summing amps made by Steve Hogan. 8 inputs with P&G faders and Alps blue pan-pots (15db gain in hand), with two external inputs for expansion. Master fader may be hard-bypassed to leave only 2 gain stages in the signal path. Jensen output transformers. Inovonics Gordon Headroom Meters. Headphone/monitor output.

Acoustilog (Sorcerer Sound) custom console. Designed in 1982 by Al Fierstein to do broadcasts for the Radio France show "Feedback," but left unfinished. Very minimal ic-based channel cards with transformer coupled mic pres and two band Baxandall eq. 2 bus, 3 aux, solo, group muting, on-board oscillator and flexible monitoring section. Simpson VU meters, P&G faders, EAO, Schadow and C&K switches. Completed at Organized Sound with new op amps, power supply, modified monitor and master section.

Main processing rack with Neumann PEV, custom eq and compressor, Altec and Langevin passive eqs and makeup gain amplifiers.
Recently completed analog transfer console.

Monitor attenuator (Shallco switch) in the mastering console.
Older monitor controller (Daven switch with Holco resistors).
Nagra IV-S (serviced by Dan Dugan).
Painton quadrant faders (bridge–T) on RCA BC-100 channel strips.

MS-Matrix using UTC LS-30X transformers. Can be switched to a 1:1 configuration for splitting signals, ground isolation, or use as a signal insert.