Performing on the original Buchla Box during the anniversay concert of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. 2007.
Rehearsing Tenney's Postal Pieces at Issue Project Room (NYC). 2005.

When Tobacco Smoke... at Whitebox (NYC) during Performa07. With Ed Tomney and Kato Hideki.

Performing Christian Wolff's For 1, 2 or 3 People with Alvin Lucier and Wolff at the Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University. 2005.
With Kato Hideki at Experimental Intermedia (NYC). 2003.

Performing at Robert Beck Memorial Cinema (NYC), live electronic music to a film by Marianna Ellenberg.

With Ami Yoshida and Otomo Yoshihide at Shinjuku Pit Inn (Tokyo). 2003.
Concert at Wesleyan University's Zilka Gallery with Alvin Lucier, Nic Collins, Ron Kuivila, Judy Dunaway and Chris Mann. Sol LeWit's curving wall installation runs across the lengh of the gallery. 2005. Rehearsing David Behrman's Wavetrain with Jim O'Rourke, for a concert of music via acoustic feedback I curated at the Kitchen (with works by Behrman, Nic Collins, Alvin Lucier, O'Rourke and myself). 2004.

At the Cave (Brooklyn) in 2005 with John Butcher, Sean Meehan, and cat. (Photos by Evan Izer.)

On tour with Anthony Braxton: at the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon. 2000.
At Super Deluxe (Tokyo) with Kato Hideki and Toshimaru Nakamura. 2003.
Maestros (Fei and David Novak) at Bridge, Osaka. 2003.
With Anthnoy Braxton at Iridium, New York. 2006.
With Chris Cutler and Makigami Koichi (not pictured: Kato Hideki and Michael Schumacher) at Diapason. (Photo by Peter Gannushkin.) 2004.

At Akademie der Künste (Berlin) with Rozalie Hirs, in a performance of poetry and live electronic music. 2004.