JAPAN TOUR in September/October 2004 with Kato Hideki to support the release of our record Sieves on Improvised Music from Japan: Kato and I did lectures and concerts in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, and Ogaki. Kato played electric bass and fed-back bass synth, my set up was the usual kit of Buchla/Serge oscillators and filters, spring reverb, contact mic, and homemade devices. We also used microphone feedback extensively on this tour, mostly with a pair of omini's.

The highlight of the tour was our concert at the Osaka Arts Aporia on Oct 2nd, two large warehouse complexes on the Osaka port. We spent three days working there. The two and half hour performance used three large adjoining rooms, 6 microphones and 8 speakers (for distributing both the electronics and ambient sound, in addition to generating feedback).




The three rooms we used at Osaka Arts Aporia. The electronics were set up in the center room, which had four speakers and two Beyer M130 figure-8 mics. The side rooms each had two speakers, and a Neuman KM184 (cardioid) and Audio Technica AT4049a (omni). The electronics was all performed and distributed live, much like the process we used in making our CD Sieves.

Performance at Cafe Independents, Kyoto, Sept 27th.


Lectures and performance at IAMAS Institute, Ogaki, Oct 4th. The omni mic in the foreground is for feedback.
Lectures at NUAS university, Nagoya. Oct 7th. Our Tour Manager, Noda-san, at the restaurant "Big Black" in Osaka.

Workshop and concert at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Sept 28th.
Performance at Canolfan, Nagoya, Oct 7th.